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Cookie Monster

No, this is not about the furry, blue monster on Sesame Street (although these days with an 18 month old in the house, Sesame Street is pretty much a constant….). ย As most people who know me know, I love to bake. I love to bake and eat! ๐Ÿ™‚ So, anytime we run out of snacks,… Continue reading Cookie Monster

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Word of the Day

  Such a small word..but it makes a difference between having a good day and having a bad day. Everyday it’s important to find at least one good thing that makes you smile and brings you joy. Whether it’s coffee(me), silly kids(me, again), or late night cookies & milk with your spouse(guilty..)make it a point to… Continue reading Word of the Day


Word of the Day

Yes, ย forgiveness…it’s a hard one sometimes, but without it we would all be lost forever. I think it’s an important skill to learn and is the key to a happier life. Now, ย I will admit that sometimes when someone hurts my feelings or ruffles my feathers, I will stew on it for a while, letting… Continue reading Word of the Day

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Growing Old Together

“I have found the one whom my soul loves.”-Song of Solomon 3:4 On a recent trip to the store, I was waiting in the long line at the pharmacy, impatient ย and frustrated with all the events of the day so far, when suddenly…I hear a cell phone ring. It wasn’t mine but the older lady… Continue reading Growing Old Together

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My reflection tells me I’m getting older, more mature (not that 29 is that old:)) and I begin to wonder where has the time gone? Where did the little girl with frizzy hair and big glasses go and is she still inside me somewhere, influencing me in ways I don’t understand? As a young girl,… Continue reading Self-Acceptance

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Happy Plate!

You know that feeling you get when walk into a kitchen and the smells permeate your senses, warm and delicious, like Thanksgiving in the air…I absolutely love that feeling! You can’t beat enteringย your kitchen and smelling chocolate chip cookies or warm apple pie wafting about, inviting you to come and enjoy their deliciousness. It’s instant… Continue reading Happy Plate!