Yum These cookies are SO simple and delicious! I first had these cookies when my mother made them for me as a teenager and as a lover of anything with cinnamon and sugar, I absolutely loved them. Then as a brand new wife(and cook!) I began making these for my husband and now for… Continue reading Snickerdoodles


Fluffy Biscuits

Yum Starting out as a young married woman, I barely knew how to cook anything and most of what we ate was prepackaged or frozen. Over the years, though, I slowly taught myself how to cook with some successes and some failures. Biscuits were always on the failing list, turning out flat and hard… Continue reading Fluffy Biscuits

Being Me

Happy Plate!

You know that feeling you get when walk into a kitchen and the smells permeate your senses, warm and delicious, like Thanksgiving in the air…I absolutely love that feeling! You can’t beat entering¬†your kitchen and smelling chocolate chip cookies or warm apple pie wafting about, inviting you to come and enjoy their deliciousness. It’s instant… Continue reading Happy Plate!