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Literary Book (w/Promo Code)

  “I declare there is no enjoyment like reading.”-Jane Austen From Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson and Charlotte Bronte to Mark Twain, Henry David Thoreau and Jack London, these are the authors, the writers, the dreamers, the thinkers that have left their mark on this world, not by their actions but by their feelings and emotions… Continue reading Literary Book (w/Promo Code)


Late to the Party…

Yes, I know…I’m a little behind the times but you can now Like And She Laughs on Facebook! And She Laughs Facebook Page Guess I can put away my VHS tapes now….


The Liebster Award

  Last week I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Demelza Shaw from The year of the daffodil whose words are encouraging and heartfelt. I am honored for her nomination and wish you all would check out her blog! It is such an encouragement for a new blogger like me…Thank you!   Here are the rules… Continue reading The Liebster Award