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2019 PlanAhead Planner


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I am by nature an easy going person—-a glass-half-full kinda girl who likes to give life a little lee-way. That sounds nice and optimistic but really…I’m just a procrastinator and a rebel of sorts and don’t really like to box myself in to schedules and checklists, a trait that tends to annoy my sweet, list-making husband!

However, last year I decided upon some routes of self-improvement and one of those things I chose to start was using a planner icon. And I have to say, I kind of enjoyed it. Writing down daily tasks and crossing them off one at a time gave me a since of accomplishment that I needed in my life! Not that I wasn’t a productive person, I just needed a little push every now and then.

So the new year has begun, and I have decided to continue using a planner to have a tentative schedule for the week. However, my schedule is not set in stone and things like cooking, cleaning, etc… are not written down because its just a given that those things are going to get done, planner or no planner! 

So here’s to a new year and a new me…making plans and checking lists, smashing goals and taking names, cause that’s how I roll.

Well, maybe…

         In a little bit…

                 If I get to it….

In the meantime, check out my cute floral planner for a little inspiration!

                                                     Available at Walmart!



12ct. Retractable Ball Point Pens
Jesus and Coffee Mug
2019 So Many Plans Planner   



2019 Mom Life Planner USA, LLC



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