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Of Wanderers and Wings


Of Wanderers and Wings

All these gilded cages and beautiful faces
So sparkling and new
Shielding their truths from the bird’s eye view

Holding on to all that glitters and glows,
To save face and strike a pose

But underneath it all, they are
Far from perfection, too eager to decieve
Too afraid to say it, to own it, to be

Unwilling to admit they are lost and searchin’
Shining on the surface, while fading within

Knowing not how to fill the whole inside
Trying to stand out in order to hide

Remembering their loneliness, pain, and regrets
And that they did not choose
The path they chose to forget

For they know He sees their every deed
Wondering ‘How will He ever forgive me?’

But do not fear, all those who seek
He loves all
The broken, the burdened, the weak

Call on His name and fall on your knees
Soar on the wings of eagles
Come, be set free

-Brandi Zeigler


2 thoughts on “Of Wanderers and Wings

  1. Brandi, love what you wrote! A wonderful reminder of what ever path that we find ourselves on. If we fall short Yeshua is there to pick us up, wipe our tears away, offers forgiveness and shows us the path to restoration. Thank you for the reminder!


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