Puzzle Pieces


I chose you. I wanted you. I appointed you. I set you where you are.”-John 15:16

Having just recently spent eight days sukkoting (soo’KOH T) and celebrating the Feast of Booths (Leviticus 23:33-44) with my church family, I looked around during one of our worship services and saw a beautiful visual picture of just what a sense of community, of family looks like.

When you are around people for that many days, you tend to see everyone’s personalities and preferences, their default tendencies and their growth and change. An easy way to describe it…we are all just a bunch of puzzle pieces, which the same can also be said about life in general. Some of us are the multi-faceted inner pieces, able to connect and adapt to the ones around us. Some of us are edge pieces-a little guarded with only a little of ourselves open to others. A few of us are the corner pieces-strong, dependable, and necessary to hold us all together. And some of us may seem a mirror image of someone else, making it difficult to find our place.

But as we all know, no two pieces/people are the same. Our shapes, colors, and backgrounds are all slightly different, but somehow….we all fit, we all work and we all join together to form something beautiful and lovely.  Something that only God could have designed, placing each piece just where it needs to be.

God wants His people to be one(echad), in unity worshiping and praising Him together as He has commanded us to do. So I encourage all of you to find a community of Believers, find your place…your purpose and grow in it. Remember, just like puzzle pieces, every piece, no matter its design, is important. You are a necessary part of God’s bigger picture. Your unique background and design provides a witness to God’s power and glory, to His grace and forgiveness…and it’s a beautiful sight.

“Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.”-Psalm 133:1



Thomas Kinkade-Stillwater Cottage 1000 Piece Puzzle


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