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“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”-Job 5:9

Have you ever seen or heard something so completely extraordinary that it could only be the hand of the Almighty God at work?  And if so, did it make your faith in Him even stronger?  And does it make you wonder….how could anyone could question God’s power?

It seems we humans today, are much too self(ie)-absorbed, so consumed with our own vain ambitions, to give God the credit He deserves. Us, with all our innovation and technology and creative, educated minds, don’t want to admit that there is something bigger than ourselves. Something powerful and omnipotent, something unexplainable that isn’t meant to be dissected, only believed within the depths of our own hearts and minds. We think, create, innovate, and design because of Him, because of the special abilities and individuality He placed in us before we were even born.

Did God really speak the world into existence? Did He part the Red Sea and raise up armies who defeated mighty kingdoms in His name? Yes, He did that and so much more and He is still showing his power to this day.  Recent events happened (not to me, but to a friend) where the circumstances were so dire and uncertain, but because of prayers and God’s healing power, they were saved. And though the story is not mine to tell, as a bystander, a witness, a believer…I can tell you with all certainty and true faith that God can and does perform miracles.

So if you or a loved one is dealing with illness or injury or need deliverance from the bondages of sin, I encourage you to pray to Him…cry out to Him and He will hear you. He can heal your heart, take away your pain. He can cause the blind to see and the dead to live again. He is a God of miracles…And I believe.

“To trust God in the light is nothing, to trust him in the dark-that is faith.”-C.H. Spurgeon

“Be not afraid. Only believe.”-Mark 5:36

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