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Bless Your Heart

This story began almost four years ago with words filling my mind compelling me to write them down so I could sleep. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with them but I felt God had put them in my heart and mind for a reason.So I began to write, letting the words flow out trying not to edit myself, not knowing that the resulting story would be a way of coping with my own loss. God gave me the words, enabled me to put myself inside the story to feel and grieve, knowing way before I did that I would need to draw from that. A week after I finished this book,  I had a miscarriage and I was devastated and hurt, but I wasn’t angry. I was able to cope and grieve and eventually find peace because I knew no matter what God has a plan and He is in control. Although I feel this book was meant as a healing tool for myself, I put it out there in hopes of it helping anyone who feels like they are losing faith and need someone to encourage them to stay strong in the Lord, have faith in Him and the plans He has for you.  -Brandi



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