Being Me

Happy Plate!

You know that feeling you get when walk into a kitchen and the smells permeate your senses, warm and delicious, like Thanksgiving in the air…I absolutely love that feeling! You can’t beat entering your kitchen and smelling chocolate chip cookies or warm apple pie wafting about, inviting you to come and enjoy their deliciousness. It’s instant happiness, no matter how your day has been.

And for me, my way of giving to others and lifting their spirits is to give them some happiness on a plate. Baking is a therapeutic experience for me. Even if I have had an exhausting day, I will bake something, not thinking of the extra time I will spend cleaning up afterward. In that moment, I feel happy.

Food makes me happy! Say it with me, “Food makes me happy!

So, in the days of diets and exercise trends, every now and then it’s OK to say you would rather eat that cupcake with all its chocolatey goodness, than do one more sit-up.

Life is too short! BE HAPPY! Lick the bowl!


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