Yum These cookies are SO simple and delicious! I first had these cookies when my mother made them for me as a teenager and as a lover of anything with cinnamon and sugar, I absolutely loved them. Then as a brand new wife(and cook!) I began making these for my husband and now for… Continue reading Snickerdoodles

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One Of Those Days…

Having a bad day? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? I can relate. On more than one occasion, I have had my share of bad days and mini-meltdowns. I’ve stumbled out of bed, eagerly awaiting my morning cup of coffee only to find, to my shock and horror, the container completely empty. That’s like running out of… Continue reading One Of Those Days…


Fluffy Biscuits

Yum Starting out as a young married woman, I barely knew how to cook anything and most of what we ate was prepackaged or frozen. Over the years, though, I slowly taught myself how to cook with some successes and some failures. Biscuits were always on the failing list, turning out flat and hard… Continue reading Fluffy Biscuits

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War of Words

Proverbs 12:18 says, “The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” As I read these words, it struck me how true they are. Words are powerful things, that when angry, we wield with the most force to do the most damage. I imagine a battlefield, littered with… Continue reading War of Words


Simple Chocolate Pudding

Yum My boys are always asking for snacks and sometimes, because we live in a rural area at least twenty minutes away from the nearest store, it’s not always economical or practical to make a trip to the grocery store. So, most of the time, their snacks consist of whatever I can make with… Continue reading Simple Chocolate Pudding

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Feelin’ It

So, recently I was driving down the road, making my way to the grocery store on one of those rare occasions where I was all by myself. No husband, no kids, just ย me and my radio, tuned to my favorite contemporary christian station. Suddenly, Toby Mac’s “Feel It” comes on. The beat starts happening and… Continue reading Feelin’ It


Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Chickpeas

Yum   Being from the South, sweet potatoes are pretty much a staple here, showing up in sweet and savory dishes alike. Being the southerner I am, growing up however, I never ate them and tried to avoid them at all cost. But now being a grown up and a mother of three boys,… Continue reading Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Chickpeas