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Joy in the Morning



joy in the morning

It’s one a.m. and I am rocking back and forth in a darkened corner of my living room in a chair that squeaks for what seems like hours, desperately trying to calm my sweet, but crying baby. I got in bed thinking, “Ok, this is the night I’m going to blissfully drift off into a peaceful eight hour slumber that has been long overdue. But no, that will not be the case tonight. Baby has other ideas. He’s not content unless he is being held and comforted by arms and a warm blanket. In the few attempts to lay him in his crib, most only lasted long enough for me to just fall asleep, only to be awoken by the crying on the baby monitor that is painfully close to my ears. So, I’m up rocking and singing, rocking and crying- baby and I both having our turns. I am exhausted and I can hear my bed saying, “Come baaack!!! Why did you leave?” Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy but at two a.m. I have lost all good sense. Somewhere in the early morning hours, baby goes to sleep and I gratefully crawl back into my warm, cozy bed next to my soundly sleeping  husband. I fall into a deep sleep only to be awoken, a few hours later, by little boy laughter standing by my bed. I groan and grumpily shoo them out, rolling back over to see the morning sun streaming through the window. I desperately try to go back to sleep, but to no avail. So I roll myself out of bed and sleepily enter the kitchen to find kids running around and my sweet husband piling pancakes on a plate. It’s loud, it’s messy, it’s chaos and it’s way too early for any of it. But it’s mine and I love it! So, as I sit down with a hot cup of coffee and chocolate chip pancakes made just for me, I smile and I am happy. Because though the crying may be for the night, joy really does come in the morning!

~Psalms 30: 5~



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